Discover the delicious taste and weight loss benefits of the World's Healthiest CoffeeTM!

It Brews Like Coffee, Taste LIKE TEA!

Tavern Cafe

Is healthy weight loss just one delicious
cup’a joe away?

Each delicious cup delivers the targeted weight loss properties of
unroasted coffee beans and the legendary health benefits of the Asian
“mushroom of immortality” to help:

tick Kick start your energy, metabolism and burn off stored fat

tick Slow the absorption of fat from the food you eat

tick Balance your appetite and support healthy blood glucose levels

tick Super charge and protect your immune system


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Delicious, aromatic and satisfying – introducing…

Tavern Cafe Green CoffeeTea

Tavern Cafe Green CoffeeTea is the world’s first all-natural, unroasted green coffee. Combined with legendary Red Reishi mushrooms, this unique, invigorating brew helps promote healthy weight loss, balanced blood sugar and a strong immune system, without harmful stimulants or added fillers. Best of all, it’s smooth, satisfying and amazingly delicious!

Looking slim and feeling great is just a cup of coffee away!

With each and every sip, the youth-enhancing antioxidants, metabolism boosters, fat burners, and immunity builders, packed into each cup of Tavern Cafe Green CoffeeTea, infuse your body with the foundation you need to look and feel amazing.


Kick-start your metabolism and your natural fat burners with Green Coffee

Emerging research shows that the powerful antioxidant, chlorogenic acid, locked into each unroasted green coffee bean slows the release of sugar into the blood stream. So when sugar doesn’t build up in the blood stream, you don’t have fat build up because sugar turns to ugly fat. Combined together with the Red Reishi you get a synergistic effect that helps burn and block, and builds your immune system too. All of this while being completely natural and safe.

“Extracts from green coffee beans have demonstrated many health benefits in scientific studies.” –


This “Mushroom of Immortality” will ignite your overall health and vitality

Known as the “mushroom of immortality” in traditional Chinese medicine, Red Reishi mushrooms deliver beta glucans and other powerful enzymes shown to help boost the immune system, eliminate toxins, support healthy circulation and ignite your overall vitality.

“Reishi stands out as one the most valuable of all polypore mushrooms in nature for the benefit of our health.” -The Huffington Post


The most delicious, satisfying, health-promoting weight loss solution you’ll ever taste

Until now, the only way to harness the youth-infusing, metabolism-charging benefits of green coffee was in a pill. Forget pills! Our certified organic process not only preserves all of green coffee’s powerful antioxidants and fat burners, it’s twice as powerful as 800mg green coffee extract pills…and the taste is like no other coffee you’ve ever tasted.Matter of fact it taste like TEA!

Our green coffee, it is sterilized, fermented and brewed. Probably the cleanest coffee in the world. Best of all, it’s smooth, satisfying and amazingly delicious!

Order Yours! 1-800-605-4751

Claim your Free Tavern Cafe Green CoffeeTea samples today!

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